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Is your business ready for the future? The dynamism of the B2C landscape is rapidly and conspicuously seeping into the B2B business paradigm. B2C buyers enjoy the intuitiveness and effectiveness of B2C trends, and being the same people who sit on buying committees, they expect similar experiences from B2B vendors.
In other words, thriving in this space cannot be pegged on laidback marketing methods. If you want to operate and compete successfully, you’ll need to identify intuitive strategies that showcase your brand as a future-forward business. Let’s discuss five such marketing strategies that you should consider adopting:
Gartner Inc. estimates that by 2026, up to 65 percent of B2B sales companies will shift their sales models to rely more on data-driven decisions. Their tech stack will be purposely built to unite data with analytics and workflows to improve consumer engagement, adapt tactics, predict sales, and simplify workflows.
Businesses that start now will likely enjoy a larger market share in their fields while others play catch up.
As you implement your data-driven consider the following:
Did you know that retargeting site visitors can improve B2B  conversions by up to 278 percent?
B2B buyers are consistently sampling different websites for solutions similar to your own. You want to do more than create fantastic solutions, you want to stay top of mind—and remarketing is an excellent way to do this.
Does cold calling have a spot today or in the future?
While more people are opting for remote purchases, the pandemic lockdowns revealed an innate desire within us to connect with other human beings. Calls allow you and your listener the opportunity to have raw conversations, raise concerns, receive answers, and assurances and forge a working relationship.
More than 50 percent of senior-level buyers prefer telephone contact because they understand the importance and value of forging human relationships.
So yes, cold calling has a place in the future, what is dead though, is bugging people with irrelevant offerings. The forward-looking strategy leverages marketing intelligence to build custom lists of prospects who, by using your solutions, stand to gain.
Best practices include:
A McKinsey study that sought to identify what drives purchasing decisions among large B2B buyers revealed two key insights:
First, large buyers value the sales experience. It ranks near pricing in importance. Secondly, service and support are the most crucial factors in buying. They are twice as important as the pricing.
Through account-based marketing, customer-facing teams assume a unified approach and zeros in on highly targeted accounts for maximum impact. This alignment leads to higher level personalization throughout the journey that ensures the prospect enjoys their experience towards becoming your customer.
Top practices include:
This tactic allows you to test versions of the same variable to see the outcome they will produce. These results allow you to pinpoint the version that delivers more desirable results. Done right, even minor tests may help improve lead conversions and sales.
Considering the following:

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