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The prominent techno-digital agency from India has set up its base in the USA as Silver Cloud Digital to represent its USA business.
C Com Digital, the renowned Indian full-service techno digital agency, is in an expansion mode internationally. They set up an office in New York, USA, as Silver Cloud Digital in 2019 to cater to their USA business. The company has received a positive response from the USA markets, marking its metamorphosis from a marketing communication and digital marketing agency to a specialized provider of IT-enabled services for its US clients.
C Com Digital has also been closely involved with global digital transformation as it served its clients during COVID-19 with high-quality marketing communication and digital services. With customers increasingly switching to online presence and communication, almost every company needs a robust digital framework and communication solutions to remain relevant in the new normal.
Speaking about this, Chandan Bagwe, Founder and Director of C Com Digital, said, “Right from the outset of the pandemic, we identified the need for digital solutions to solve business problems. We have been in the techno-digital space for a long time and have the necessary capabilities to create a highly impactful combination of our creativity, innovation, and advanced technologies. With the unveiling of our IT-enabled services in the USA, we are expanding our spectrum of offerings and aiming to become an international provider of reliable, efficient, and cost-effective IT-enabled services. Our expansion marks a great occasion for Indian companies in the techno-digital space as it will pave the way for more collaborations and business growth for the entire ecosystem in the coming times.”
The founder of C Com Digital, Chandan Bagwe, will visit New York, New Jersey, and California in November 2022 to engage with their existing clients and meet new clients to introduce them to the full scale of services and solutions.
Silver Cloud Digital will now spearhead services like Enterprise mobility solutions, Program support, Cloud computing, Custom software development, and Enterprise Data management for their international clients.

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