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The Evolution of Digital Marketing abiding with the trends will be the futuristic competitive strategy for businesses to stay ahead
29 November 2022/ Atlanta, Georgia/- According to the leading Digital Marketing Specialist Douglas Duren, digital marketing is more important than ever, but because it is an ever-changing field, businesses need to stay current and change their approach to reach their target audience.
Marketing trends alone will not be enough to help you succeed in this industry. Modern technology and strong, proven marketing trends will deliver significant results, says Douglas Duren. There are many ways to reach the right audience through social media and Press Releases, and being present on a platform where a company’s target market resides is critical. The key here is to create great and memorable content. In terms of the marketing campaign, it necessitates personalization to draw in consumers. Personalized campaigns usually result in higher conversion and engagement rates, says Douglas Duren.
Commenting on the future of digital marketing, Douglas Duren said, “Digital evolution has changed everything. However, in my professional opinion, its potential has not been fully explored. As digital marketers, we are still learning about new aspects of digital marketing almost every day”.
Micro influencer marketing is reaching new heights keeping pace with the trend. Although influencer marketing has been in high demand in recent years, it has been occasionally criticized for having fake followers, and the more sponsored posts they use, the less authentic they appear to consumers. As previously stated, personalized systems attract customers, so it’s better to invest in genuine influencers who connect personally with their followers.
Duren believes that SEO marketing planted the seeds of digital marketing, social media marketing, and campaigns in the early years. These techniques are widely used today, provide a wealth of information, and work wonders in reaching your target audience.
Given the rise of trends in society, video remains a powerful medium for maintaining audience loyalty to a brand in a clear and easy-to-understand way. Developing a video marketing strategy for social media is a great way to further engage your followers and grow your brand’s online community.
To survive and grow with the pace of the market, one must have in-depth knowledge to stay ahead of the competition. Douglas Duren adds that “SEO is a highly effective tool for increasing brand awareness, building relationships with potential customers, and establishing a business as an authority and trusted source in its industry”.
About Douglas Duren
Douglas Duren, a digital marketing specialist with 17 years of SEO experience, was responsible for working on marketing campaigns to support the brand. His responsibilities include conducting market research, developing strategies with other marketers, and creating content that contributes to the success of marketing campaigns. Douglas Duren currently works at McKesson in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
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