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It is important that our Redhawks are healthy and well so you can pursue your goals!
The University requires international F1/J1 students to purchase health insurance through Southeast. Students sponsored by approved exchange partnerships or governments are exempt if evidence of equivalent coverage is provided before the first day of classes each semester.
Health care costs in the United States can be substantial. Our insurance is designed to protect those with medical bills, and coverage is unlimited. More information about the insurance plan can be found on SEMO’s Lewermark page.
Insurance coverage extends from January to August (spring and summer terms) and from August to December (fall term) and is automatically billed twice per year with spring charges including mandatory summer coverage.
Although your policy is effective at the start of the academic term, the charge may not appear until your second billing statement.
Although completing this form is optional, it helps physicians know which immunizations you have taken in order to treat you if you go to the doctor or hospital during your time in the U.S.
Southeast has an on-campus health clinic that offers health treatment including physical exams, laboratory services, immunizations and allergy shots, medical procedures, prescription services, wellness exams and assessment, and treatment of illness/injuries for students of Southeast Missouri State University.
The Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility provides individual and group counseling services to students to assist with a variety of concerns including adjustment to campus, stress management, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance use, interpersonal violence and sexual assault.
These forms help our Campus Clinic give appropriate medical treatment and advice when a student visits. We ask that you have them completed by a physician in your place of residence before you come to the United States. You do not need to submit the forms, but please have them available for your records. Completing these forms are optional, not mandatory. If you do not find them in your acceptance packet, you may print them from our website below. Please note that the full list of immunizations is not required; however, your US doctor(s) will need to know which immunizations you have taken in order to assess illness correctly.
Health History Questionnaire
SEMO partners with Lewermark to provide international students with a comprehensive, affordable health insurance plan to make sure our students have the necessary coverage to maintain their health and be protected from financial loss in the event of a sickness or accident.  International students enrolled at SEMO’s Main Campus are automatically enrolled in the plan for the following periods: 
Additional information about the insurance plan is as follows: 
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