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The company deployed MottoRep, a white labeled platform for its nationwide network of offices to streamline digital marketing efforts and increase customer engagement
SAN DIEGO, Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, SOCi Inc. announced that Motto Franchising, LLC has appointed the company as its preferred localized reputation management partner for its franchisees. As the leading provider of marketing platforms for multi-location brands, SOCi will provide the Motto Mortgage brand’s national mortgage brokerage network with an all-in-one platform to manage brand presence through reviews, listings, and social media content and advertising.
As the first and only national mortgage brokerage franchise in the U.S., Motto Mortgage is positioned to withstand the ups and downs of the tumultuous mortgage market by having a better, deeper connection to local communities than large retail lenders, with its business model prioritizing the localization of its marketing efforts to maintain its brand presence. As its franchise system grew, Motto Mortgage needed a tool to empower franchisees to capitalize on the digital connections that can be made through an increased focus on social, listings, and reviews across multiple locations. As a result, SOCi developed a white labeled platform, MottoRep, that Motto deployed to streamline digital marketing efforts for its franchisees to increase customer engagement in local markets.
“In addition to providing another tool to make our franchisees more efficient, our corporate team wanted a transparent look at the brand reputation as we pride ourselves on the connections within local markets,” said Kelly Gill, VP, Marketing and Advertising for Motto Franchising, LLC. “We have already seen that SOCi will provide this insight within our decentralized model of business. Having a finger on the pulse of reviews, survey results, and social media engagements allows us to see both the positives and negatives happening in the communities our offices serve.”
According to a SOCi-commissioned study by Forrester Consulting, improving the effectiveness of marketing at the local store level is a high or critical priority for 61% of marketers, on par with the priority they place on the same efforts at the national level (62%). As businesses give localized marketing optimization a greater share of their attention, it’s important that they adopt the processes and tools that can boost their success rate. Since SOCi’s implementation, the Motto network has embraced this technology and adoption has grown at an unprecedented rate.
“We built SOCi with scalability in mind so businesses like Motto Franchising, LLC can empower their franchisees to take charge of their own localized marketing efforts, in turn strengthening relationships with customers in local communities,” said Afif Khoury, CEO of SOCi. “Brand reputation has a direct impact on consumer buying decisions, so I’m thrilled our platform can provide the Motto network with the actionable insights they need to be successful.”
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About SOCi
SOCi is the marketing platform for multi-location brands. We empower businesses like Ace Hardware, Sport Clips and Anytime Fitness to scale marketing efforts across all digital channels in a way that’s brand directed, locally perfected, and data connected. As one central place to scale marketing, SOCi makes the impossible possible by enabling top brands and their locations to strengthen and scale their digital presence across limitless local search and social pages while protecting what matters most, their reputation. For more information on how SOCi can help fuel your localized marketing success, visit us at or message us at
About Motto Mortgage

The Motto Mortgage network is breaking the mold by giving the power of choice back to consumers with less jargon, more transparency, and even more options to choose from as they shop for the right home loan. With over 200 offices open in almost 40 states, Motto Franchising, LLC’s unique national franchise mortgage brokerage model is the first of its kind in the United States. Created to disrupt the mortgage industry, the Motto Mortgage network connects loan originators and real estate agents to provide a seamless, personalized experience and a one-stop shop for consumers. Motto Mortgage is the second member of the RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. family of brands. Each Motto Mortgage office is independently owned, operated and licensed. To learn more about Motto Mortgage, or for license information for a Motto Mortgage office, email, or visit
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