Sony’s New LinkBuds S Wireless Earbuds Hit a New All-Time Low at $148 (Save $52)


Sony’s New LinkBuds S Wireless Earbuds Hit a New All-Time Low at $148 (Save $52) The latest version of Apple’s Apple Watch is available at $29.99 and features new designs, including a square dial that makes it easier to read the time on your wrist – so you can see when the watch next rings. For some reason, I never got to enjoy wearing my original iPod touch until recently, but having this thing hooked onto a wireless headset made all that possible. You are left with just two things on their small screens. There is a clock icon on top, and below it’s an airplane emoji set to play music, as well as a couple of other symbols representing different aspects of life. So it’s like one big digital calendar.

Sony’s Linkbuds S earbud also offer a built-in microphone for noise cancellation and voice communication, as well as more than 100 songs and more than 50 hours of battery life. While the battery life isn’t great for me, I’ve had both wireless headsets and wired headphones go bad in about three days. The device’s biggest advantage is the ability to connect directly to your phone via Bluetooth, which means you are not dependent upon Wi-Fi, or even a cellular connection, so you don’t need anything else. I like how simple they are. They are small enough to fit into my pocket, but large enough that you won’t find yourself getting out of bed to take them with you to class – it’s something a little bit more modern. And if you want to listen to music during a day, these can be quite loud with high-quality audio from the likes of Jukedeck and Beats by Drej. It was nice to also pick up sounds from outside the house – especially for those who have an active shooter alert on their smartphone or tablet. I’m going to give my full review, since I didn’t use any other earbud, although I’d prefer to keep my readers guessing. So let’s get started. Let’s start with what comes down as its greatest advantage – the battery life. When I took all the extra charges out of their batteries, I found myself reaching about eight hours on the rechargeable battery alone. That seemed pretty good, considering how many people would be using this headset to listen to whatever they were listening to on their phones, tablets, and maybe a laptop. My friends and family also used it occasionally because they got tired of always worrying about where my earbuds are or what they are doing, so they could grab a few and not worry about them again, or to go back and forth between the speakers if there was a long gap in the music. Not only did it work well for talking, but listening to video games as well. In fact, I tried reading a book with it and didn’t notice any difference because it was still sound through the speaker. But, when I threw it on my shoulders, the volume wasn’t too much of an issue. The second big advantage is the price. This is certainly the most affordable headset on the market. I think it’s right between a Nintendo GameCube and AirPods. Maybe it will be just a matter of finding the right pair of Bluetooth headphones to have. If there’s anything I learned with my Kindle Fire, it’s that Amazon has come a long way. I know I’m not the biggest fan at times, and sometimes I wish I’d gotten something more portable or corded, but we live in this world and it really does feel like the perfect size for everything. I also like the style of Sony’s design. The headphones themselves aren’t all that different from standard earbuds, except… they don’t look nearly as stylish, and honestly, I don’t feel comfortable with earbuds that look like normal headphones. I guess they’re trying to sell me something, and this doesn’t look like it fits me. However, if you like this sort of design and are looking for something else, then go ahead and get the Sony brand. I really do love it. Their earbuds are solid headphones if I might say so, with the exception only being the shape. Everything else is very sleek and elegant. Their color looks amazing against black and they’re fun colored. It’s also really easy to wear that way. I feel like a robot now, because it feels absolutely fantastic. So, after all my obligatory praise and accolades, here’s where I end the story. Before I even finish telling the pros and cons of the product, you need to hear the one thing I want to point out – this is my first experience wearing something new. We should probably just call this our “new normal”. I wish I could say I took this one step further and said “wait,” but we don’t know exactly what is going on next. Still, my ears are already ringing about five times per minute…

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