Tesla now has Apple shortcuts.

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Today’s vehicles include more than simply four wheels and an engine; they also feature tech, connectivity, and sometimes even digital assistants. The next development in the always evolving world of Tesla finally puts Apple’s Siri’s power at your fingers.

Tesla announced yesterday the inclusion of Apple Shortcuts in its iOS mobile app, a frequently delayed and perhaps misguided but never-ending quest of progress. Tesla owners now own even another reason to boast. (As though they required more.)

For those who aren’t tech savvy, the Apple Shortcuts app is similar to giving your iPhone a set of customised, multi-step commands to follow with the press of a button or a voice command. Consider it your digital genie with the exception that it won’t grant you three wishes and probably won’t turn you into a prince. However, it can undoubtedly make your life a little bit simpler, particularly if you own a Tesla.

You may now start Tesla-related chores by asking Siri or utilising Shortcuts widgets. On a hot day, you might tell Siri to activate the air conditioning. And there you have it, your car is already cooling before you even sit down on those leather seats. It’s a sweet relief.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Hasn’t this been done before?” Well, some of these features were available in third-party apps. The distinction between a “official” and a “unofficial” answer, however, is substantial. Currently, Tesla is in command and providing a streamlined experience directly through its app.

A surprising fact about the car industry is that voice-activated technologies are not wholly new. In reality, Chrysler began installing voice warning systems in their vehicles in the 1960s. the principal distinction? Drivers received robotic, almost creepy commands in place of Siri’s refined and sweet voice. The times, they have changed!

The combination of Tesla and Apple highlights a wider change in the auto sector. It’s not only about fuel economy, horsepower, or battery life anymore; it’s also about integrating our digital lifestyles into our cars. After all, why can’t our cars be intelligent if our homes can?

We anticipate that Tesla has extensively tested the integration to guarantee user security and efficient operation. We wouldn’t want Siri to miscommunicate with us, would we? If Siri interprets “Hey Siri, play “Drive” by The Cars” as “Drive the car,” then that may be a big problem.

Putting jokes aside, it’s another advancement in utilising technology to our advantage. And while some could argue that we’re growing more dependent on technology, we’d counter that we’re simply coming up with new, efficient ways to complete our daily duties.