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The traditional soccer vs football feud has taken a new turn. After an NFL match recently resulted in a tie, fans are discussing the New York Giants and Washington Commanders on Twitter and the conversation somehow went to its comparison with a soccer match.
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Soccer vs Football is a big part of the sports culture of the USA and Europe. Soccer is known as football everywhere in the world but in North America. It becomes further complicated as the USA has a sport named football. The National Football League is a league consisting of 32 teams and was founded in September 1920.
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However, one point the football fans used to raise is that, unlike soccer, football matches wouldn’t usually end in ties. Now, that has become debatable after the Giants vs Commanders game and fans had a lot of reactions to it.
The story of the online storm started with the conclusion of an NFL match, New York Giants vs Washington Commanders. The match after 70 minutes ended in a tie, which somehow became a topic of discussion. Fans were sharing their views about the game and here are a few reactions.
What a trash sport to end in a tie, I personally would never waste my time watching something like this. I mean why don't you just keep playing until there is a winner, it doesn't seem that complicated 🤷‍♂️ https://t.co/JSeSPAlLwu
— Kyle Lancaster (@your_boy_bobs) December 5, 2022

Bro as a giants fan this is pain
— Kamal (@LumpOfCFC) December 4, 2022

American Football isn’t high scoring. Each team scored 2 touchdowns (1 points each) and 2 FG (1 point each) The point system makes it seem high
— 🙌🏻SMNT WC2022 (@Agent_ToRo) December 4, 2022

Shitting on American football is a great way to convince football fans to watch soccer
— Roach Killa (@killinroaches) December 5, 2022

There's no reason why the NFL should end in a tie. These rules make me question everything. I start thinking they should have a rugby type scrum for ot possession and always go for two. Take the soccer part out, add any game, tug of war, rps, Uno? Anything but a tie.
— Eagles are 11-1, chill (@nB5lxu5x9aFjyvF) December 4, 2022

Go to penalty kicks…I mean field goals. First kicker to miss their team loses
— Ernesto Morales (@emorales916) December 4, 2022

It's kind fun watching after all comments bout the world cup, who's laughing now 😅
— andrefelipe só fala de copa do mundo (@dedehcamargo) December 4, 2022

Shameful that ties still exist in the NFL. Worthless
— Malcolm Chandler 🏀 (@Mchandler712) December 4, 2022

The match was very close, and it is the first tie for the Giants after 1997.
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The last draw of the Giants was also against Commanders 25 years ago. 
France sent Poland back home after defeating them 3-1 and proceeded to the quarterfinals. France will face England in the next round, as England also qualified after beating Senegal 3-0. The Netherlands and Argentina had already qualified by beating The USA and Australia. 
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The matches today are upsets specialists, as Japan will be facing Croatia and South Korea will be facing mighty Brazil. Fans have high hopes as these teams came from the group stage almost shocking everybody. Japan in particular has been a part of two big upsets in this tournament. However, this is where the real challenge is while Japan is looking good and can easily beat Croatia, South Korea has a mammoth to fight and prove their win wasn’t just a fluke. 
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