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The Zambia Tourism Agency has launched the 2023 Marketing Plan for Destination Zambia, which is an initiative to create integrated and holistic strategies to promote and boost demand for the country’s tourism through increased arrivals. It sets out the general outlook and perspectives for the overall marketing programme for tourism in Zambia, and strategies and priorities to achieve a successful and sustainable tourism destination.
The agency is optimistic of sustained growth driven by increased budgetary support from government for marketing activities, and visa waiver for specific source markets and increased consumer confidence in the tourism products.
Zambia has projected 1.5 million arrivals for international tourists for 2023 and this figure is envisaged to represent a higher GDP contribution to the economy. On Domestic tourism, the Agency has projected a 20 percent growth in domestic activities in the country.
Because of the multiplier effects of tourism, the projections will contribute to employment for the locals who have the mandate to safe-guard the tourism resources in the country. It will also result in enhanced economic activities among the supply chain to the tourism sector, which includes transport, aviation, food, bed space and more.
The Plan, which is anchored on unification with industry players, is a call to action from every Zambian to take responsibility and become brand ambassadors of the destination. Zambia has something for everyone and offers a diversified range of tourism products to include; adventure, safari, culture, heritage and business tourism.
The Marketing Plan is anchored on the Ministry of Tourism strategy policy, the Tourism Master Plan 2018-2038, the 8th NDP as well as the ZTA strategic plan for 2022-2026. The plan will focus on unique selling points of Zambia, which include; people, safari and Victoria Falls.
The marketing plan will be anchored on six strategic objectives to spur tourism activities in the country; increase international tourist arrivals to 1.5 million by end of 2023, enhance domestic tourism activities by 20 percent by end of 2023 and improve average length of stay for international tourists from three to four days (33 percent) by end of 2023.
Other objective of the marketing plan include; to increase destination Zambia awareness by 10 percent in key source markets by exhibiting or engaging agents in five major shows in (Germany, UK, Spain, USA), increase digital marketing engagement by 10 percent on all digital marketing platforms at the end of 2023 and to penetrate at least four non-traditional source markets for Zambia by December 2023.
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Tourism is a key economic sector that delivers revenues, employment and tax benefits. It has long been an important part of the Zambian economic development strategy especially now with increased interest from the government to raise the bar of tourism to the highest standards.
Speaking at the launch of the marketing plan, Rodney Sikumba, Zambia’s Minister of Tourism and Arts, said the launch of the country’s marketing plan focuses on repositioning the tourism sector for sustainable growth.
“I am happy to be here with you today and launch the country’s marketing plan that focuses on repositioning the tourism sector for sustainable growth. The need to place tourism as a key instrument in Zambia’s transformational and developmental agenda remains important for the government and we have demonstrated our resolve to make tourism a catalyst for economic growth through various pronouncements that support the requisite conditions to make tourism flourish in our country,” Sikumba said.
“The new dawn government has provided an enabling environment for more private sector participation and this has been demonstrated through the creation of the private sector dialogue forum, a platform that serves as a critical link between the government and the private sector. This great initiative by the government should give us the impetus to explore new market opportunities to enhance and stimulate growth in the economy,” the minister noted.
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